Licenses & Permits

Occupational Tax Certificate

Each year, every business in the City of Waynesboro must apply for an occupational tax certificate (PDF), formerly referred to as a business license.  Businesses must also fill out a private employer affidavit and affidavit verifying status for public benefit. The fee for the certificate is based on the number of employees. Every business must renew their license each year. Please refer to the schedule below.

Occupational Tax Fee Schedule

Tax liability per number of employees:

  • 0-2: $90
  • 3-10: $125 for up to 3 employees and $35 for each additional employee
  • 11-20: $402 for up to 11 employees and $32 for each additional employee
  • 21-30: $715 for up to 21 employees and $25 for each additional employee
  • 31-33: $958 for up to 31 employees and $18 for each additional employee
  • 43 and Over $1000

Licensed Professionals

Practitioners of certain professions (doctors, engineers, etc.) may elect to pay a flat fee of $200. If you are considering this option, contact Jondrea Howard at City Hall 706-554-8000.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) is required before you can obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate. A C.O. is necessary if you are opening a new business, changing locations, or changing ownership. For more information about obtaining a C.O., please contact Shelley Broxton at 706-554-8006.

Alcoholic Beverage License

In accordance with the Alcoholic Beverages Ordinance 2022-02-21 (PDF), any person desiring to sell alcoholic beverages in their place of business must apply for an  Alcoholic Beverages License (PDF) with the City Manager. After a background check, the City Council will review the application for approval at a public meeting. Please bring the required fee and application along with your drivers license and Social Security card to City Hall located at 615 N. Liberty Street.

Building Permit

A building permit is required for new residential, commercial, and industrial construction as well as additions and renovations. For more information regarding building permits, please contact Shelley Broxton at 706-554-8006.