Mayor Gregory A. Carswell, Jr.

New Waynesboro Mayor Gregory A. Carswell, Jr. was sworn in on Monday, May 1, 2017, during the Regular City Council Meeting. Mayor Carswell's plans for his first days in office include bringing more jobs to the Waynesboro area and providing more activities for children and youth in our City.


The Mayor, who is the chief elected officer for the city, presides over all meetings of the City Council voting only in case of a tie. The Mayor exercises general supervision over administrative work of the city and signs all written and approved contracts.


  • Georgia Southern University
  • New Life Theological Seminary
  • Deliverance School of Ministry


  • District 8 Board for Georgia PTA 2010-2013
  • Deliverance School of Ministry Board of Directors - 2015-present


  • District Manager - Krispy Kreme
  • Award-Winning Photographer
  • Award-Winning Gospel Recording Artist
  • Assistant Pastor - Waynesboro Deliverance Evangelistic Church
  • Pastor - The New Testament Church of Jesus Christ


  • Wife - Deandra Carswell
  • Daughters - Ariah, Mariah, Makiya, Toni, Natalya, Sariyah
  • Son - Greg III

Full Biography


Reverend Greg Carswell is the father of six daughters, one son Greg III and a loving husband. He has been married over 10 years to the lovely Deandra Carswell.


Reverend Carswell has been preaching the gospel since 2007. He earned his Master’s in Ministry from the New Life Theological Seminary. Rev. Carswell is a loyal and faithful member of Waynesboro Deliverance Evangelistic Church located in Waynesboro, GA, where he has grown and served faithfully from birth until now.

He is under the leadership of pastor(s) Dr. Glenn and Betty Wiggins where he serves as the Assistant Pastor, the assistant youth minister, pastor over the social media ministry as well as an instructor and president of the non-traditional accredited Christian College, Deliverance School of Ministry. His zeal to preach the word and be led by God has afforded him the opportunity to travel and preach the good news.

Reverend Greg Carswell travels preaching the Gospel and telling people of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Although he is a traditional gospel singer, whose role model was and still is the late great Godfather of Gospel music, Rev. Timothy Wright, there is nothing traditional about his preaching. He listens to God and does what he is guided by the Holy Spirit. God also placed a CD project entitled "I Have the Favor of God" on his heart, not to make money but as a door opener for him to preach the gospel.


Rev. Greg Carswell has won many leadership awards in the Christian arena and in the secular world. In 2011 he ran for Mayor of the City of Waynesboro in an unsuccessful bid, but has become a prominent voice the citizens of the community call upon.

Mayoral Election

On April 18, 2017 the voice of the community was heard and Reverend Greg Carswell was elected the first black male and the youngest Mayor of the City of Waynesboro. He has served on the Georgia 8 District Board of PTA and served as a president in the organization.

Other Accomplishments

In the gospel music arena his song “Oh How I Love Jesus” has won “Most Liked Traditional Song by All Ages.” He has shared venues with names such as LaShun Pace, Rev. Timothy Wright, Lowell Pye and Rodney Raines, just to name a few. All the singing and achievements are just doors he uses to win souls.

Rev. Greg Carswell owns his own business Carswell Business League and under that umbrella are 2 other businesses, which are Ariah’s Pressable Images and MT Photography. He was also the district manager of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, of which he has been a part for over 10 years.

Reverend Greg Carswell states he didn’t run for any office or do his calling to be seen or make a name for himself, but to make a difference and help people achieve their dreams and reach their goals.