History of Waynesboro

About Waynesboro

The City of Waynesboro is the county seat of Burke County, which is one of the eight original counties in Georgia. It was named after General Anthony Wayne whose daring efforts during the Revolutionary War earned him the nickname of "Mad Anthony Wayne." On July 31, 1783, authorized by an act of the Georgia General Assembly, Waynesboro was laid out in a series of one-acre lots.

Historical Significance

Waynesboro, as well as much of Georgia, played a significant role during the Civil War. After General Sherman captured Atlanta on November 15, 1864, he began his infamous "March to the Sea" heading toward Savannah. The Battle of Waynesboro was fought on December 4, 1864 toward the end of that march. Union calvary forces under Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick defeated Confederate calvary led by Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, opening the way for William T. Sherman's armies to capture the port of Savannah which they did on December 21, 1864.

The city was officially incorporated in 1883 as the City of Waynesborough. The Georgia Field Trials began here in Burke County in 1901 and continue to the present making Waynesboro "The Bird Dog Capital of the World." Today, due to a rich agricultural base and a growing industrial community, the future of Waynesboro is one filled with promise and anticipation.