Unkempt Property

Section 50-53: Trash & Rubbish Accumulations

All persons owning or having control or authority over any premises within the city shall keep and maintain such premises clear and free from all trash and rubbish.

Section 50-54: Junk

It shall be unlawful for any person to place, abandon or leave, keep or store, or suffer to permit the placement, abandonment, leaving, keeping of storage of nonfunctioning motor vehicles, appliances, machinery or equipment, or parts thereof, or any other junk, out-of-doors upon any public or private land within the city.

Section 110-71: Unsightly or Unhealthful Growth Prohibited

No person shall allow or permit weeds, grass and other vegetable matter to grow and be upon his premises uncut so as to render the premises unsightly or unhealthful from the growth and accumulation of such weeds, grass or other vegetable matter thereon.

Once a Code Enforcement issue is filed for nuisance, the code enforcement officer will inspect the site. If a nuisance is declared, the owner of the property will receive a notice that they have 10 days to remedy the nuisance. If they do not, the city will abate the nuisance, and the full cost of the abatement will be charged to the property owner.