Storm Drainage Information

What is Runoff?

Stormwater runoff is the excess water from a precipitation event such as rain, snow, or hail, that doesn't soak into the ground. Stormwater runoff is becoming more and more of a problem because of all the hard surfaces such as streets, driveways, and sidewalks that will not allow the water to penetrate.

Managing Stormwater

Managing stormwater is an important part of keeping our water supply clean and keeping our community safe from the dangers of flooding and all its related problems. Stormwater runoff is more polluted, degrading water supplies. It receives no treatment before entering our streams. It does not go to the sewage treatment plant. As it flows over hard surfaces, it carries debris, trash, and other pollutants directly into the stormwater drains, ditches, lakes, and streams. We must be vigilante in our management of stormwater in order to control flooding, pollution, and protect our water supply.