Rebates & Incentives

Natural Gas Program

The City of Waynesboro has an incentive program for homeowners who convert to natural gas from electricity or propane. The program will allow a homeowner to purchase gas products through the city at wholesale cost. Every gas appliance is subject to the following rebates.

  • Furnace - $300
  • Gas Dryer - $50
  • Gas Grill - $50
  • Gas Lights/Mantles - $50
  • Gas Range - $50
  • Space/Wall Heater - $50
  • Tankless hot water heater - $400

After Purchase Rebates

Also available for purchase:

  • Hot Water Heater - Homeowners can receive a free 40 gallon gas water heater or purchase a Rinnia Tankless water heater with a $400 rebate. There are many sizes to choose from residential to commercial with interior and exterior mounting.
  • Gas Logs - Decorative gas logs and a full line of accessories can be ordered by the Gas Department. There are many different styles of logs to choose from.
  • Space Heaters - Blue Flame and Radiant vent free heaters are available to the public. Electronic ignition, thermostat control, and dual surface mounts are a few features of the Hearthrite heater.

Forms for incentives are filled out by the gas superintendent. The checks are mailed from City Hall.