Zoning Board of Appeals

About the Zoning Board of Appeals

The City of Waynesboro Zoning Board of Appeals is made up of five members who are residents of the City of Waynesboro and who are appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Board Members serve a three-year term and may not hold any other elected or appointed public office except that they may also be a member of the Planning Commission of the City of Waynesboro. If an application is received the Zoning Board of Appeals will schedule a meeting. Scheduled meetings are normally held at City Hall on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6 p.m.

Major Responsibilities

Major responsibilities of the Zoning Board of Appeals include:

  • Conduct administrative reviews of decisions to find out if any errors may have occurred while making the determination
  • Issue variances of the Zoning Ordinance when not in conflict with public interest (see zoning ordinance)
  • Issue conditional use permits

Zoning Board of Appeals Members

  • Neal Leonard (Chairperson)
  • Mike Bickley
  • Ben Roberts
  • Suzanne Sharkey
  • Thaddeus Shubert