Trash Collection Services

Trash Pick-Up

Trash pick-up is mandatory for both residents and businesses in the city. Residential pick-up is on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. The charge is $22.00 and is added to the utility bill each month.

Contact City Hall at 706-554-8000 for more information and to obtain a poly-kart.

Residential Guidelines

  • Do not park in front of the poly-kart as you may block the trash truck.
  • Please do not overfill the poly-kart or place trash bags around it. The lid must be able to close.
  • Only regular household garbage is appropriate to place in the poly-kart.
  • Do not put yard waste or dirt in the poly-kart.
  • Always roll your poly-kart to the curb the night before it is to be picked-up. Poly-karts are not always picked-up at the same time each week due to schedule changes. Doing this will ensure it will not be missed.

Trash pick-up for businesses is on Monday and Thursday of each week. Businesses have a choice of pick-up once or twice per week. Restaurants are required to have twice-a-week pick-up. Rates are based on the size dumpster and the number of pick-ups per week.