City Manager

Responsibilities of the City Manager

In Waynesboro, the City Manager is the chief executive and administrative officer. The City Manager is hired by and responsible to the City Council for the administration of all city affairs. The primary responsibilities of the City Manager are:

  • Serving as liaison between the Mayor and Council and City employees
  • Manages the operation of the city government
  • Prepares and oversees the city budget
  • Serves as the chief budget officer, personnel officer, purchasing officer, and City Clerk,
  • Serves as liaison between the Mayor and Council and the public by responding to inquiries and resolving conflicts
  • Directs the enforcement of all city ordinances

City Manager Jerry Coalson

The City Manager for Waynesboro is Jerry Coalson. He began working for the city in 1995 as an accountant. City Manager Coalson was appointed to the position in March of 2002. He served as Assistant City Administrator and Accountant for 6 years prior to the appointment. Jerry holds a Bachelor of Business Administration / Accounting degree from the University of West Georgia.